Ideally located on the Cours Pierre Puget in the heart of Marseille, the C2 hotel, which bears the initials of its architect founders Claire Fatosme and Christian Lefevre, opened in the spring of 2014. 

Dating from the end of the 19th century, the building is full of character and has a rich history, having been home to the same Marseille family for almost a century. The mansion was then converted into offices before being purchased by the SOFEA company in 2009. It was then that Claire Fatosme and Christian Lefevre moved in and the C2 project began, along with a new destiny brilliantly outlined by the pair and soon to be given form by the staff and the guests themselves. This demanding and, sometimes, seemingly irrational project sparked enthusiasm all-round. Talented artists and designers came together to form a team support and then lead the architects in designing the project in its minutest detail. Two years' work was needed to adapt the building to its new purpose, reorganise the spaces, add a floor, dig the new patio and sublimate the premises' original elegance.