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Meetings of all kinds, crowded office spaces, nameless buildings... do you want to get your employees out of their daily lives and organize a quality corporate event in Marseille? Have you had enough of bleak meeting rooms, endless seminars on same old “Vieux Port” locations or exhausting and grueling sports games?

A 5-star palace and an Art Deco masterpiece of contemporary renovation, C2 offers a team building package unparalleled in the region: the rental of its luxury private beach for all your seminars in Marseille. Now also COVID-19-friendly, with all necessary precautions taken.

Which seminar venue to rent in Marseille?

Boat, room, hotel ... How do you choose an original seminar venue to rent in Marseille when the proposals are on the blue coast? As the corporate event takes hold again, we now know that its actual location and environment are critical parameters of success.

Depending on the brand image you want to convey to your employees, you will need to direct yourself towards a chic and luxurious place. For your company’s team building in Marseille needs, give them a break from their daily grind!

C2 Hotel has earned a spotless reputation for the beauty of its architecture, its exceptional location and unrivalled high-end services.

To organize your seminar in Marseille, this is the ideal place to both thank and surprise your teams while uniting your employees around shared core values.

C2 Hotel beach: a place of exception

C2 Hotel can provide its luxury private beach in Marseille for the organization of your business seminars: the C2 Beach.

Located on Degaby Island, a place with a preserved environment in the heart of the iconic Marseille’s harbor, this secluded paradise offers a breathtaking view of the Phocaean city and the sea as far as the eye can see that will delight your guests.

Exceptionally well positioned, the hotel is located in the Old Port district close to all of the city's main attractions. Your guests will be delighted to discover a new place, away from the crowd, luxurious, chic and welcoming at the same time.

Privatize the beach of the C2 Hotel in Marseille for your business seminar: a unique experience

By organizing your business seminar or incentive in Marseille on C2 hotel’s private beach, you will offer your guests much more than just another business meeting. Let them enjoy a real trip and a great break from their daily life.

This unique experience begins as soon as they arrive, since your seminar begins with a boat trip from the small port of Malmousque to reach the island privatized for your team building event.

You will then enjoy the beauty of the place while having the leisure to organize your various activities of the day as well as your meeting times.

Many options and incentive activities are also available: visiting Marseille harbor by boat and discovery of the spectacular Frioul archipelago aboard the “C2 Boat”, visit of the Castle, paddle or kayak excursions, snorkeling, skiboard or even jet ski!

Finally, cherry on the cake, you can include an hour of massage (min. 3 people) for a complete relaxation with a 360° sea view!

Seminar in Marseille, your team building C2 success

L’offre C2 Beach Meeting The C2 Beach Meeting offer is available until October 30, so don't miss the opportunity to become the hero of your employees by giving them the best of gifts.

Motivate your teams by offering them an exceptional seminar! Evening party, product launch, acknowledgments, team building... take advantage of the C2 Hotel's private beach for the organization of your corporate events.

We adapt our services to any request, desire and budget so that you do not miss anything. Privacy, luxury and conviviality... bring this unique experience to your guests.

All the conditions will be met to unite your teams, build lasting connections with your staff or congratulate them on their participation in the success of your company.